Displaced women carry sorghum received in April, 2017, in Rumading, a village in South Sudan's Lol State where thousands of people, chased from their homes by drought and conflict, were left in limbo.. ©Paul Jeffrey

We respond in times of crisis, to humanitarian emergencies caused by natural disasters, conflict and political instability all over the world. Disasters are both a cause and effect of poverty, with the poorest communities in the world being the most at risk, living in the most vulnerable and marginal areas with few assets to draw upon during an emergency.

In humanitarian emergencies, we respond quickly to provide finances for immediate life-saving food, medical care, water and shelter, but we also support affected communities over the long term.

Responding through partners

In times of crisis, we work through local partner organisations, already rooted in communities, or through the Methodist Church. We also work in partnership with other international humanitarian aid NGOs that have long term partnerships with local organisations capable of responding.

All We Can also supports the local organisations we work with to find sustainable long-term ways of preparing for and responding to disasters. We provide the training and capacity development needed to build communities that are more resilient to disasters and to help protect the hard fought development gains they have achieved.

Refugee Crisis

Provide humanitarian assistance to refugees living in Jordan and Lebanon.

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Indonesia Emergency Appeal

All We Can and The Methodist Church in Britain are calling for generous support for this urgent appeal for the people of Indonesia, following the destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami on Sulawesi.

People who have lost everything are in desperate need of water, food, shelter and access to medical care.

On Friday 28 September, a deadly earthquake struck Indonesia which triggered a tsunami. Waves, more than three metres high, swept across the land destroying almost everything in their wake.

Conditions in the devastated area are extremely difficult. The tsunami tore up roads, washed away homes and cut off lines of communication.

Hundreds of people have lost their lives, at least 42,000 people are displaced and up to 1.5 million have been affected. Urgent supplies of food, water, shelter and medical treatment are needed now.

Give now

If you are raising money as a church please order Gift Aid envelopes or print out copies of the Gift Aid form.

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