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Prayers – people seeking sanctuary

This month, we pray for the many people in our world who have been forcibly displaced from their home.

Syrian refugees

We remember the millions of Syrian refugees who have fled the conflict over the last seven years to find a place of safety. We are thankful for the local organisation All We Can continues to work with in Jordan, to provide life-skills training and psychosocial support (supporting mental and emotional wellbeing). These measures help refugees to gain the skills they need to support themselves in their new contexts and to cope with past traumas to help them flourish today.

Please pray for,
– peace and an end to the Syrian conflict
– All We Can’s support to continue to meet those who are most vulnerable and in need
– strength and healing for the Syrian people affected by their experiences and loss of home

Rohingya refugees

Nearly 700,000 Rohingya, a minority group from western Myanmar, have fled violence and persecution since last August. The majority have arrived in Bangladesh with stories of violence, executions and rape. We are thankful for the local organisations All We Can is supporting to provide life-saving food aid, hygiene and dignity kits and specialist psychosocial support and care for women. In the coming months we will be working to establish safer shelters for refugees to cope with the heavy monsoon rains and to build more toilets and bathing facilities in the camps. Find out more.

Please pray for,
– healing from the stress and trauma experienced by many of the refugees
– justice to be done and their rights to be upheld
– All We Can as it responds to the needs which may arise from the approaching monsoon season

People displaced by a changing climate

Increasingly farmers in some of the world’s poorest communities, such as Malawi, are struggling to grow food on their land because of the extremes of floods and droughts brought about by climate change. If people’s land no longer provides for their needs, they will be forced to move in search for better opportunities. All We Can is helping farmers in Malawi to combat the effects of climate change through solar irrigation and training in better farming techniques. This project is the focus of our Harvest Appeal, you can learn more here.

Please pray for,
– more effective and urgent measures to be adopted by countries contributing to climate change
– that support will come to those poor rural communities, such as in Malawi, who are being adversely affected by climate change
– All We Can to provide the support needed to help farmers to continue producing food from their land

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