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Prayers – Food for the hungry

This month, we pray for the many people in our world for whom harvest is a struggle, as they work hard to grow the food they need to feed their families.


We remember people in Malawi, especially those communities who feature in our Harvest Appeal. These communities have struggled to grow food because of the droughts they have experienced. The local organisation All We Can supports, is helping them to overcome the effects of drought by enabling them to water their land through solar irrigation. This enables farmers to grow food all year round and survive the difficult times.

Please pray for the farmers in Malawi, that they will benefit from having more secure harvest enabling their children to have better health and the energy they need to go to school and invest in their futures. May the local organisation All We Can supports, have the ongoing resources they need to help those in greatest need as we all work together.


We pray for farmers in Ethiopia who live on challenging mountainous terrain. We are thankful for how the local organisations All We Can supports, is helping them to improve their harvests through building barriers and planting indigenous trees to stop the good quality soil being washed down the hills. These measures as well as training in modern farming techniques and providing a variety of seeds are helping them to have improved harvests and gain a greater yield.

Please pray for the farmers in Ethiopia, that they will continue to benefit from more food at harvest time to provide for their families’ needs and make a secure income. May the organisations All We Can work with have the strength and vision they need to continue helping to transform communities.


We pray for marginalised women in India, who are facing a number of social and economic challenges, including struggling to gain good harvests. One of the organisations All We Can works with, helps these vulnerable women come together to learn from a model farm, who then take the skills back to use at home and to pass on to their community.

Please pray for these women, that the skills they gain will help them to improve their lives, especially their ability to provide for their families’ needs. Pray for the local organisation All We Can works with, that through them more women will be able to break the cycle of poverty and have access to their right.

A Harvest prayer

Lord of life
We thank you for the life you have created
for the creatures of the seas, sky and earth
for the people who you made in your image
and the land you have given us to steward
We ask that you help us to be better at sharing
to respond with love to the needs we see
to use what we have for the benefit of others
and for all to have the means to provide for their needs.

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