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Poverty, injustice and discrimination blight the lives of people like Regai around the world.

When we stand alone, these problems can seem impossible to overcome. But when we work together we can transform lives and create real, lasting change.

By standing alongside people like Regai in poor communities, you can make a world of difference.

Will you help us answer the prayers of those who need our help most by setting up regular gift today?

Regai has worked hard for what little she had in life. But when her husband sadly passed away, her life dramatically changed. Faced with having to bring up her children with little money and limited opportunities for work, her life began to collapse around her.

But now, for the first time since her husband’s death, there is hope.

Regai has been introduced to opportunity that is helping her take control of her life, earn a stable income and transform the lives of her children and grandchildren. It’s an effective solution that provides vulnerable people like Regai with chickens, instruction on how to care for the chickens, plus training on how to make that business a success.

What we can achieve when we work together

We’re committed to enabling hard working people like Regai to recover and thrive. Quick fixes won’t end the injustice of poverty. We need to work together for long-term solutions –and to do that, we need your commitment, too.

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