Secure the Future Appeal

“When he grows up, I hope to see him educated.” – Toyaba

Right now, Toyaba and her grandson Mohammed face an uncertain future in the refugee camps of Cox’s Bazar. With your loving support, injustice and poverty can be overcome.

Please help secure a better future for suffering children like Mohammad today.

I want to help suffering families now

Four generations of Toyaba’s family live in Jamtoli camp, one of the many refugee settlements in Cox’s Bazar. They have done all they can to forge a home out of their meagre belongings. In Toyaba’s shelter, a string of plastic beads hangs on the wall, clothes are draped carefully to keep them safe from dust, and UNHCR mats are placed in the doorway to welcome guests. Toyaba decided to flee with her family in August 2017, before her village in Myanmar was attacked. She explained how difficult things were: “We had no rights. We saved our own lives because the [Myanmar] military killed people and burned houses. They even burnt whole villages.” But even in the camp she now calls home, things are not easy for families like Toyaba’s. She spoke with apprehension about whether the house would be strong enough to cope with the monsoon rains. The lack of food and money to buy basic provisions provides a daily challenge for families like hers, most of whom arrived in the camps already malnourished and desperately hungry.

Toyaba felt relieved to be in a place where her family are safe from conflict and persecution, and yet she is overwhelmed with fear for their future. Your support can help secure the future for families like Toyaba’s, families doing all they can to provide a better future for their children.

Poverty and injustice blights the lives of people across the world and as we encounter stories like Toyaba’s, it is hard for our hearts not to be moved. As Christians, we follow the Biblical mandate to love our neighbour, and this is at the very heart of All We Can’s mission. From providing emergency relief to Rohingya refugees to educating marginalised teenage mothers in Malawi and training widows in Cameroon to start small businesses; every year hundreds of thousands of people in some of the world’s poorest communities are given the tools, training and opportunities to not only survive, but thrive. And it is all thanks to the generous gifts of compassionate supporters like you.

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