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Extraordinary gifts

Practical gifts that help people in some of the world’s poorest communities to become all that they can. From sheep in Ethiopia to growing coffee in Nepal, find out how your gifts for friends and family can really change lives.

Simply choose a gift for a friend or family member from our selection and we’ll send you a colourful card for you to personalise and give.

To order Christmas and Advent reflections, prayers and devotionals for your church or group find a wide range of resources here.

  • A buzzy-ness bundle – Special offer

    £104.00 View
  • A convenient gift

    £50.00 View
  • A Zimbabwean special

    £215.00 View
  • Build a farm

    £243.00 View
  • Full of beans

    £76.00 View
  • Gift-wrapped

    £791.00 View
  • Piggy bank

    £53.00 View
  • Tree-mendous change

    £60.00 View

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