Biblical reflections

These short Biblical reflections are can be shared as thoughts for the day, to open up meetings or used for personal study.

BibleThe Samaritan Woman

This reflection on John 4:5-14 considers how Jesus values the people scorned by others, in this instance a Samaritan Woman.

The Widow’s Faith

This reflection on 2 Kings 4:1-7 observes the tremendous faith shown by a vulnerable widow.


Women Disciples

This reflection on Luke 10:38-42 uses the examples of two women to help us consider the meaning of discipleship.

BibleA Mother’s Concern

This reflection on John 2:1-11 shows how a mother’s concern can change a situation.

BibleThe Devotion of a Brave Woman

This reflection on Mark 14:3-9 considers the worship displayed by a brave woman.

BibleThe Feeding of the Five Thousand

A harvest reflection on Mark 6:30-42 exploring our ability to perceive and respond to the needs of those around us.

BibleFrom Outcast to Daughter

This reflection on Luke 8:43-48 explores the journey of a marginalised woman restored through Jesus’ compassion.

BibleThe Unlikely StoryThe faith of the Centurion  

This reflection on Luke 7:1-11 draws on the role of story-telling in inspiring our faith.

BibleGlimpsing Hope – Jesus restores a possessed man 

This reflection on Mark 5:1-20 prompts us to think about whether we see hope where there appears to be none. It also draws our thoughts to fair trade.