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Prayers – In the wilderness

In this season of Lent, when we remember Jesus’ time in the wilderness, let us remember people around the world experiencing their own kind of wilderness – hunger, harsh conditions and isolation.


Integral to All We Can’s work is helping families develop sustainable livelihoods that will provide for their basic needs like food. Pray especially for our work with the Methodist Church in Uganda, where together we are helping families facing extreme poverty through introducing improved farming practices and livestock management to give an improved and secure income.

Harsh conditions

All We Can is supporting Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. The makeshift settlements do not have the infrastructure yet to deal with the waste created and people do not have much space for their families. Pray for the refugees who have fled Myanmar and have settled in Cox’s Bazar in search of security. Pray that All We Can continues to respond to the needs and can help people find the relief they need.


All We Can is helping vulnerable women in India who suffer from isolation and marginalisation. Many of these women rarely leave their houses or speak with their neighbours. All We Can is helping to bring together groups of women to raise awareness of their rights, provide training on leadership and decision-making, as well as helping women to set up new businesses to provide a reliable income. Pray that more women might enjoy friendships and the opportunity to share their problems through the work of All We Can.

In this video we celebrate some of the change already created in communities in India through this valuable work:



Heavenly Father,
whose Son entered the wilderness,
suffered hardship
and overcame temptation,
give the many people suffering in our world
that same strength and power through your Spirit.
In your Son’s name we pray.

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