How your support helps

Farmers in the Amhara region of Ethiopia have benefitted from sheep and rams

Help people in the world’s poorest communities become all they can.

£20 could pay for a month’s training in carpentry or mechanics for a young person in Burundi. Equipped with new skills they can find work or set up a business, which could create employment for more young people.

£65 could provide two villages in Ethiopia with an improved breed of ram, enabling farmers to increase their income from sheep production.

£150 could provide vocational training to 20 Nepali women, empowering them with the skills and independence to earn an living from activities such as vegetable farming or goat keeping.

These are examples of what your donation could provide. Your gift will be directed to where it is most needed. If you are interested in making a donation to a specific partner or country, please contact us to find out about current possibilities. You can also support a specific partner or country by buying an Extraordinary Gift.

Thank you for your support