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Prayers – The Power of Love

This month, in a world where our news often focuses us on division and hatred, our prayers look to the power of love.

“The earth is filled with your love LORD” Psalm 119:64

God loves all that he has created and his creation reveals his love. All We Can continues to help our partners to respond to the challenges of climate change. In parts of Malawi, floods and droughts have devastated harvests. Through introducing solar irrigation, equipping farmers with modern farming techniques and providing seeds and fertiliser, families are able to better face the challenging climate. Hear what Jason Snuggs, our Partnership Manager, has to say here.

Loving God,
We thank you for the wonders
of your creation.
Thank you for the vast, endless, flowing
streams of love that we receive.
When looking at your world we recognise
the glory of what you have created.
Yet we also recognise that in our world,
there is pain and brokenness.
As we are awed by the wonder of your
creation, we invite you to
come among the brokenness,
to bring healing and hope
to our damaged world.
In the name of the Father, Son
and Holy Spirit we pray. Amen.

“Love does no harm to a neighbour” Romans 13:10

All We Can supports people in some of the world’s poorest communities who suffer from discrimination and marginalisation. All We Can continues to respond to the needs of the Rohingya people who have fled persecution and are in desperate need of food. Read more of their story here.

Lord Almighty,
You are the God of gods and Lord of lords,
great and awesome are you.
You show no partiality,
but love all your children,
for in your image you created them.
You are the defender of the poor,
the Father of the fatherless,
the protector of the widow,
and the advocate of the foreigner.
Your ways are great, and merciful are your deeds.
Praise your holy and sacred name. Amen.

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!” 1 John 3:1

During Lent, we are asking supporters keep it simple while joining in solidarity with their global neighbours. Please pray for the people taking in this challenge, may they be inspired by what they read, see and do. Tim Baker, our churches and Volunteers Officer (North East), reflects on ‘a father’s love’ in his latest blog as he joins in solidarity with a family he met in Zimbabwe, which feature in our Lent resources.

Our good Father,
We come to you with thankful hearts,
for you are good and your steadfast love knows no bounds.
Thank you for giving us each other,
so that together we can do good in our world for the sake of those in need.
Strengthen and refresh us by your Spirit as we face each day.
To you be the glory and honour,
in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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