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Prayers – freedom

This month we pray for freedom to come to those whose lives are restricted by poverty and injustice.

Freedom from discrimination

Cultural practices in Jharkhand state, India, which have become embedded over generations, are keeping women confined to their home and

subject to the control of their husbands. All We Can is working with these women, informing them of their rights and giving them ways to gain freedom by making a secure income and taking on positions of influence. You can read more about the situation here.

Please pray for the women being supported by All We Can, that they may gain strength from joining with other women and find freedom as they step out to claim their rights and take on positions of influence.

Freedom from violence

Rohingya refugees are still arriving from Myanmar to camps in Bangladesh. They speak of the violence they have witnessed and the trials of their journey. All We Can is responding to their physical and psychosocial needs.

Please pray for people to find healing from the horror they have faced and dignity in such chaotic and harsh circumstances.

You can find out more about our Rohingya Refugee Crisis Appeal.

Freedom from poverty

In Malawi, many farmers feel trapped in a cycle of poverty as their harvests fail due to insufficient rainfall. All We Can is helping these farmers to break free of this cycle through the introduction of solar irrigation. This work is the focus of All We Can’s Harvest Appeal 2018, you can order materials for your church here.

Please pray for the farmers in Malawi struggling to feed their families due to failed harvests, may they start to experience a change as they work hard on the land which is now benefitting from solar irrigation.

God, our liberator
Thank you for being on the side of those who are oppressed
You know the situation of all people and the chains that bind them
We pray for our brothers and sisters across the world
May they be free from the clasps of discrimination, hunger, violence and poverty
Help us to be inspired by your Son, to act in ways that set the captives free
In Jesus’ name we pray

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