Annual report

Anna Muke and her daughter, Nina, have a brighter future because of the support they have received through a community group for widows. Tole, Cameroon

We are delighted to share the Annual Review and Report from All We Can. We are grateful for a year of achievements made possible by the generous gifts from supporters and the amazing work of our partners around the world.

Our latest annual review and report 2015/16

Last year, we supported 20 partner organisations in 9 countries to improve the lives of 579,821 poor and marginalised people, and responded to humanitarian crises in 8 countries helping thousands of people receive emergency food, medicine, shelter or psychosocial support. The statistics are only half the story – Behind the numbers are stories of great personal fortitude, faith and hope within resilient communities.


Annual Review 2015/16 4.4MB PDF
Trustees’ Annual Report and Financial Statements 2015/161.9MB PDF

Printed copies and previous annual reports and accounts are available on request. Contact us